New York in Quotes

6 Adults. 1 Toddler. 10 Days. Too Many Quotes.

"It's so overwhelming. It's like a meal." -Kim, about Vitamin D milk.

"Are you missing a can of WD-40? Because I found one." -Emily

"I printed out information from Wikipedia. All of it." -Marc, regarding his tireless preparations.

"New York, you're a ripoff." -Kim

"You would draw a different kind of chick." -Emily to Todd

"That's what I asked that other guy over there." -Emily
"You mean Marc?" -Todd, reminding Emily that she knows that "other guy over there."

"I didn't see Charlton Heston coming." -Kim

"I have very good eyesight." -Our little crabbing friend, Michael. But times the quote by 100.

"That's a monster." -Repetitive Michael, x100

"The homey details make all the difference." -Kate, referring to the Mets decorating the pitching mound with their logo.

"I can't wait to watch them decorate my mound." -Kate, again referring to the Mets decorating the pitching mound with their logo. Really.

"Thomas Edison has always been a big fan of mine." -Marc

"That's where you can store your apples." -Todd, when seeing a branch of The Apple Bank.
"I was wondering what to do with all these apples." -Kate

"I'm such a ten year old boy." -Kim

"I'm older than my mom." -Kim

"I'm not drunk. I'm trying to be proper." -Sara

"I don't want to drink your butt water." -Todd

"I wouldn't mind being buried there." -Kim, upon seeing a nice cemetery.

"You need to thoroughly go away." -Emily to Marc
"Stop using the word thoroughly." -Kim

"Marc, you are not even going the speed limit." -Sara, as we drove through Greenport.
"But they go by so fast..." -Marc, referring to odd dentist chairs sitting in one yard that he didn't want to miss.

"Holy crap, you know we now have to stop at a kite store to stop Emily from pointing everyone of them out." -Kim

"A cliff is a sudden precipice." -Marc

"Oh my gosh! We're all drunk." -Kim

"There was a clown." -Kim, remembering her childhood birthday party at Ground Round.

"David Wright's a guy you could take home to mom." -Todd
"I'd take him home to MY mom." -Kim

"And now, you are on the floor for no reason." -Kim to Emily

"Speaking of dragons..." -Kate

"Now we know how to get Emily out of the car." -Kim, after learning of Emily's fondness for Chinese Firedrills.

"The bat man came in across the couch." -Emily

"According to the stick..." Marc, taking instructions from a wooden stick in the ground.

"She's being a train." -Sara, about Emily.

"I like those tight silver butts with a little turquoise on them running down the field." -Marc's mom, explaining why she likes the Miami Dolphins.

"Baseball!" -Marc and Sara's son, Alex. Multiply by about 1000.

"Well, you survived to talk about it." -Marc's Dad regarding a marathon day in the city upon seeing us dragging ourselves about the next morning.

"Ronkonkoma. Do doo do-do-doo." -Everyone.

"I hope you don't mind my bare feet in your food." -Kim

"We pretty much eat fudge." -Kim, describing her family vacations.

"Don't hit my cone!" -A Jones Beach parking lot worker.
"That man takes great ownership of his traffic cones." -Kate

"Just don't fall on your nuts." -Marc

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