Meeting S-Pods

I haven't written much about how Scott Podsednik's been doing since he's returned to the Sox. I, like everyone, have been shocked. I mean, I am his biggest fan, but I had no idea he still had this in him. He can certainly ignite an offense.

I've gotten to see him in a few games this season at The Cell (and wanted to share these two pics I really like.) But what I've been really stoked about was seeing him in person. About 2 months ago, I heard a vague mention of Scotty Pods being at a car dealership off of 57. I've been counting down the days.

That day was Saturday.

I was surprised about two weeks or less ago to see on the car dealership's web site that the autograph signing was not just Scott, but Bobby Jenks, too. Unfortunately, Bobby's kidney stones kept him away. So it was just Podsednik.

Oh, and there was another rep of the White Sox there, too.

I stood in line about 2.5 hours, I think. The signing started at 10 and I got there about 8:45. I got a good position in line but I was actually surprised how many people were already there. Probably a good 150-200. When I left at about 11:15, I was shocked by how long the line was. Lots of people went home empty-handed.

Above, Scotty signs something for a young couple in line with me. They and their 5-month-old were at the Perfect Game so we had much to discuss. I hadn't noticed what they got signed until I looked at this picture on my computer: a little pink Sox bib. Awesome.

I was bummed because when the signing started, everyone could get 2 items signed. But then, 20 people in front of me or less, they changed it to one item. Bummer. I put away my World Series Sports Illustrated with Pods on the cover and just got a special World Series ball signed.


Actually, I am notoriously bad about talking to celebrities when I meet them. After all, I told a former president that I made his menu. But I did OK this time. I just said, "Congrats on how this season is going for you and on becoming a dad." He said, "Thanks, man. It's been fun."

I was going to bring up the whole messy issue of me jinxing him for about three years...but I thought that was best left unsaid.