Red Fez Monkey: The Truth

As I mentioned recently, I've officially moved out of my office. I have a little cubicle now for when I go in once a week. The only thing that really marks that it's mine is an Eagle lamp. It's a long way from what used to mark my digs.

Now that I've packed everything up, it seems apropos to tell the shocking truth behind Red Fez Monkey's long disappearance. One day, I realized that one of my 5 or 6 little pencil toppers was gone. The story is PTOIT history from there. I created this whole elaborate blog stunt about him being missing, Purple Fez Monkey going on an adventure to find him and their triumphant return home.

What I haven't told anyone is that the Red Fez Monkey who came back wasn't the real one. No, he was part of a new set of pencil topper monkeys that Marc got me. Having a new Red Fez allowed me to pretend like the story was over and that he was back.

In reality, I still had no idea what happened to that stupid little pencil topper. I really had decided it fell into the garbage. Until one morning when I came in to work to chat with Designer Doug. And on his desk was Red Fez Monkey.

I had given him to Doug. And forgot.

Now, the fez monkeys have been distributed through the office. A couple are still with me. The rest are having their own adventures with new owners.


Marc said...

Well, you at least confirmed that Doug doesn't read your blog.

Jill said...