The Dang French!

A Real Conversation:

The Ladyfriend (TLF): So what do you want from Portillo's?

Me: Um, a Beef and Cheddar Crouissant. I have drinks at the house, so don't worry about that. And we could share some French Fries.

TLF: Okay, so a Beef and Cheddar Crouissant and French Fries.


Me: Hmmm. That is really French. I didn't realize that.


TLF: Do you want to change it?

Me: Gosh. It is really French. No, I guess it's OK this time.

TLF: Well, Crouissants are the best the French offer.

Me: True.

TLF: And the Beef and Cheddar concept is very English. That probably offsets it.

Me: Ya. And let's call them Freedom Fries.


The Ladyfriend said...

So would Freedom Fries be exclusive to William Wallace and his friends...including Flatfoot?

the todd said...

You can take away our land. But you can never take away our Freedom Fries!

DoubleM said...

There is a fierce dispute over whether deep fried potatos were first invented in Belgium or France - so you could call them Belgian Fries.

the Ladyfriend said...

Oh, I like the Belgians! They make good Waffles!