The e-Past

Yesterday, my work e-mail went down. And I had to go through and delete old e-mails. The server was moving so slow, I practically had to delete them one at a time. While this wasn't exactly my ideal workday, there was something cool: Going back and reading the past.

Now granted, I'm talking a year ago "past" and not 15 years ago "past," but still it was cool to see how life changes--good and bad. I read through e-mails setting up first dates that would go well. Conversations with people who have moved out of my life. Plans for friend events that are now legendary (in our minds at least). I saw myself wrestling with comments made and feelings felt that now seem so trivial and forgotten. It was a neat journey through how life changes.

But I am glad my dang e-mail is working again.

PTOIT Quotes of the Week

"I get three hours of sleep a night. Screw Wellness." --My friend Doug F. while discussing the option of a wellness exam through work. And obviously affected by a new baby.

"There's not enough sex in it." --Lost's Sawyer on why is not enjoying the book Are You There God, It's Me, Margaret.

"Santa!" --Hippy BJ on Amazing Race after meeting a German man with a long white beard.

"Lydia is pooping...just thought you like to know that." --My friend Esther over IM (regarding her infant daughter).

"He's the most gentle man around. His hands are his instruments." -- Orlando Gonzalez, attorney for Yanni--explaining why his client surely isn't guilty of domestic abuse.


the Gat said...

good job on the softhand reference for yanni.

Rene' said...

Hi-five for "The Todd"

derfman said...

Awesome! I made it onto Todd's list of approved blogs. I'll now try to spice things up and not be as boring on my posts. Also, my soft hands will also be my alibi in regards to any future crimes I may committ.