No, No, No

Well, I guess I should call the White Sox morons more often.

This is one of the many reasons I love baseball. It's a game of hope, redemption and resurrection. It's a game where anything can happen and everything can change. In football, if your team loses you have to taste that loss for a week before even having the chance to rebound. In baseball, you just wake up the next morning with new hope. I was mad at my team after 3 pitiful losses in a row. We weren't playing good baseball. No fielding. No hitting. And now, I feel like it's October again. So much energy and excitement. So much to celebrate. That was one great game for the Sox and especially for Mr. Buehrle.

How much fun is this?

And now the sad truth: I follow a lot of White Sox games either on radio, TV, live or through the internet live feed. In 2002, I proudly watched or listened to EVERY game of the season (I really had no life then.) But of the few games I don't watch, last night was one. Yah, I didn't see it. Wednesday nights are a special routine for The Intended and I. She has me over, makes me dinner, we make S'mores, we watch Lost.

During the first commercial break, I turned over to the Sox to see how they were doing. The game had just ended. The first thing I see is Mark walking in the dugout with guys slapping him on the back. The crowd is going nuts. I said aloud, "Oh no. Oh no, no, no...." They show a replay of Konerko catching a ball and pumping his fist.

"Oh, My Intended," I said. "Buehrle just threw a no-hitter. Oh my goodness. And I didn't watch it."

At some point, the remote dropped from my hand. One of my favorite Sox players of all time just entered history and I missed it. While it's not the same, I am set to tape this afternoon's encore of the game on comcast. At least I will get to see how it all unfolded. I do remember following the last Sox no-hitter though. My Dad and I were fishing at the Bonfield quarry listening to the game on the radio as Wilson Alvarez pitched his in 1991.

So close yet so far away: The Intended and I missed seeing it live by one night. We are going to the game tonight. Maybe Javi can go back-to-back. You know, in the 2005 playoffs we had four consecutive complete games. Could four consecutive no-hitters be much harder?

Am I a Prophet? Last May, I wrote about a dream I had. I wrote: "I am at Wrigley Field for a Sox-Cubs game and Mark Buehrle pitches a perfect game."

Now, there are a few differences. One, it was a no-hitter, not a perfect game. But Mark was one walk away from the perfect game (even though he did indeed face the minimum amount of batters).

Two, the game wasn't against the Cubs. But the Rangers, like the Cubs, wear blue. And now they have Sammy Sosa. So, it's close.

I think maybe I am a minor prophet. Or like a Slightly Off Prophet. Pseudo-Prophet?


mxwp said...

I too, missed the game! But I am also convinced that had I seen it, Buehrle would have given up a hit in the ninth inning.

Anonymous said...

"Fishing at the Bonfield Quarry," Wow that brings back memories from fishing with your bro.

Missing white sox games is a common occurrence for me. I was at gymnastic lessons yesterday. See what you have to look forward to!


the Gat said...

of course it happens when I'm out of town!

I'm predicting a 6 week winning streak. Which would be a record.

Dougie76 said...

Is making s'morse code?

Anonymous said...

Don't feel bad. A co-worker of mine had tickets and gave them away free because his wife thought it would be too cold to go.

the todd said...

Oh man, I can not imagine the guilt and pain of having given up tickets to that game. I heard a guy last night say that he gave his tix to the game to a friend who likes the Rangers. So not only did the Sox fan not see it--but the guy there didn't enjoy it!

And Doug, you are already trying to get a legs up on next year's "Doug No Talking Award" aren't you?