RIP Porta-Blanket

The Intended and I celebrated Valentine's Day last night. Well, at least we partook in what she got me for Valentine's: Two great lower-bowl tickets for the Sox-Rangers game. (And I made the painstaking choice to take her with my extra ticket.)

Fittingly, it was about the same temperature as if it were Feb 14.

Actually, it wasn't that bad. We each wore 5 layers of shirts and had our gloves on. And we utilized my Portable Blankey for the first time. It was really convenient to carry the rolled-up blanket in by it's handle--and when needed, unroll it and be warmed.

So we sat there eating good food, watching Javi lose his no-hitter in the 2nd (but still have a solid outing), and enjoying baseball live for the first time after a long winter absence. It was a great night. The Intended was especially happy to see her favorite player (AJ) blast a 3-run dinger.

At the end of the game, Bobby Jenks did what Bobby Jenks does. After the last out, The Intended and I celebrated the win and hustled out.

In the parking lot, she turned to me and said, "Do you have the blanket?"


I saw a flashback in my mind's eye of the sad little blue stadium blanket draped over a U.S. Cellular seat. Right where I left him in all the excitement of the final out.

And so, after his very first outing, I've lost the Porta-Blanket. He was good to me. We had some laughs. And some warmth. Hopefully, he will find a good home.

In his memory, I've considered sewing handles onto all my blankets. Nah, maybe not.

The Triumphant Return of QUOTES OF THE WEEK!

"I can't talk to anyone, I am watching baseball." -The adorable 5-year-old sitting in front of us at the game last night to his mom in the first inning.

"I liked the part with the bird. It was a bird right?" - Hurley on LOST about Jin's ghost story.

"Are you two arguing about who your favorite Other is?" - Sawyer on LOST to Jack and Juliette.

"We have to play ping pong every 108 minutes or the island will explode." - Sawyer on LOST

"I had high blood pressure this morning. I think it's this place. And a little bit you." -Camerin to me.

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