Don't Mind the Photographer

Sunday was my last official youth group event: The End of the Year BBQ. It was a fun celebration with the kids and other leaders. We celebrated the graduating students and as a goodbye present, I was given a cool mirror lined with the faces of all the kids. When I look at me, I will see them!

The day started with swimming and scuba. I didn't scuba this year because I felt like just swimming and hanging out. So I took pictures of all the kids in their gear. This led to one of those silly, embarrassing moments where you just want to hide.

I was taking pictures of all my youth group kids in their regulators, tanks and scuba suits. And then, I saw Mike and Ethan swimming nearby with just masks and snorkels. So I got pics of them. Just feet away, two more teen guys with masks were swimming. So I took a photo of them (right).

And then...they just looked at me. One waved. That's when I realized I didn't know them.

At the risk of looking like some pervert or creep, I just walked away. Oops.

The rest of the day went better. At the BBQ, we played Bocce Ball and Bags. Our kids ate approx. 600 hotdogs. I wrestled an 8th grader (and won, thank you). It was just a nice non-stressful outing. And a good last event. But it's not goodbye. I will still be around.

Just not around those two random guys in my picture.


derfman said...

Don't mind me. I am testing to see if my blogger profile edits took place. Congrats, by the way. Next weekend, right?

the todd said...

Feel free to use my blog for any personal agendas and tests. And the big day is June 23.