Happy Wedding 1st!

According to my sister, today is not June 1st. It's Wedding 1st. Apparently, the entire month has been renamed as a dedication to my blessed union on Wedding 23rd. I am not sure that this name change is being officially recognized by most city governments, so you may have to check in your area for participation.

More Weekend Stories
So, in retrospect I'm realizing that I had a very eventful weekend last week because I still have stories to share from it. In fact, Sunday itself was pretty eventful.

That morning, The Intended's family and I went to the Cracker Barrel for breakfast. We walked over from our hotel in Des Moines. As I sat down, I noticed a black and white stripe down my brown pants. Weird. A bird has some how pooped on me during my walk to the restaurant.

I went to the bathroom to clean it up. When I entered, a small boy ran up to me. He pointed to his infant brother being changed by their Dad on the changing table and said, "There's poop everywhere!"

I thought, "You ain't kidding."

I can't speak for the infant, but my problem cleaned up really well. But still, that's no way to start your day.

On the way home from Iowa on Sunday, I turned onto a street in Sycamore and was about one block from The Incoming Mother-In-Law's house. That's when the police lights turned on. I was pulled over. The officer told me that when I had turned onto the street, I took the turn way wide and went off the road. He said, "I just wanted to make sure you were OK to drive." What a sweet guy. I assured him I was fine, and then he just let us go.

The really memorable things about this run-in with the law were:

1) The officer took awhile both before coming to the car the first time and in coming back with my license. This was really funny because we were only a block form our destination and The Intended had to go to the bathroom really badly. I kept encouraging her to just make a run for it because I wanted to see a COPS-like foot chase.

2) If you would've driven by my traffic stop, you may have thought I was a wanted fugitive. There were actually three cop cars involved at different times of the ordeal. I am not sure why exactly. Perhaps they too were anticipating The Intended running for it. Then, a fourth cop car drove by. The officer was at my window telling me why he pulled me over when a Sandwich cop (a cop from Sandwich, not like an enforcer of sandwich law) drove by and actually gave my cop a thumbs up.

It's like, "Way to go, man. Good catch. They look suspicious."

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HopefulLSW said...

I believe Sycamore (and apparently Sandwich) cops are much like Wheaton cops: nothing better to do than dream of a Real Live Criminal so they waste time by pulling people over for kicks. Like say not using your turn signal when you're in a turn lane. Not that that's ever happened to me.