Back and Better Than Ever

So ... I'm married!
The wedding went great, the reception was a blast, the honeymoon was a needed and refreshing get-away. Of course, I have lots of stories to share--from a wonderful period of life that spans from a morning spent decorating a church to a morning when I kissed my sleeping wife goodbye to return to work.

The wedding was everything we hoped it would be. It was beautiful and sweet. I cried uncontrollably as she walked down the aisle. The entire night was very much "us." We were surrounded by our most loved people in the world. And when it was all said and done, we were husband and wife. (You can read Groomsman Marc's great take on the wedding here.)

We returned from our week in Galena on Friday. Since then, I've just been getting used to married life, a new home and doing husbandy things like cleaning the garage. Now, I'm back to work for a week (four days thanks to to the Fourth of July) before heading out for two weeks in Europe. It's a tough life. But over the next week--and maybe more--I hope to share all those wedding stories and many pictures. (A tease: Upcoming stories will tell about the day I ruined my Best Man's groomsmen gift, the kid we stuck in a wagon, how Mark Twain tried to steal my wife, our special mystery gifts, the secret song played at the ceremony, and more...)

The one big change as far as Putting the Odd in Todd (PTOIT) goes is that my significant other can no longer be called "The Intended." I've toyed with many new nicknames: The Wife, The Mrs., etc. But she's told me for a few months that she came up with her own PTOIT nickname. On our wedding day, she revealed it to me. Her first name means "Pure" and she discovered not long ago that our last name means "Heart." So now, post-wedding, she is Pure Heart.

It is a fitting name.

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HopefulLSW said...

Jill told me about the secret ceremony song and it made me so proud to call you a member of the Gate 5 Gang. Congratulations to you both!
P.S. Great new nickname! Makes me think of Pilgrim's Progress