My Truck

I drive a 2000 pickup truck (see right). It's a good little vehicle. I've had very little trouble with it. But being 6 years old, it's time (or is past time) for some maintainence and various wear fixes. It all started when I noticed the molding on the door was apparently unsealing because I'd hear wind getting in and it'd leak during rains. But I put that off.

Then, the truck started stuttering a bit when I turned the key. So, I replaced the battery. This caused more problems. My truck has a TheftLock system that locks the radio if power is cut to it. Without the code, it means you can't use the radio at all. So I have been driving around with no radio for two weeks. Good times. But it did mean that I got to call lots of people back while driving here and there. So that's good.

I considered just getting a small battery-run radio to sit on the passenger seat instead of taking the truck in to be looked at--but I figured that the door needed to get looked at anyway. And after 80,000 miles it was time for a good check-up. Well, that was a very stupid idea. Now, I am sitting here with my truck in a shop getting approx. $1,000 of fixes. I need the transmission flushed (when the fluid is dark black instead of pink you know it's bad) and several other systems looked at and cleaned. And the door? Well, it wasn't the molding. It is falling off. I kinda should have seen that coming. It hasn't been closing well and does dip a bit when I open it...

So yah, this is all necessary. And I guess it's all really an investment in a good vehicle. But still. That's $1,000. With that much money, I could buy:

1 Used car
95 White Sox Upper Deck tickets
83 Previously Viewed DVDs
5,000 Wendy's Chicken Nuggets
77 Bobbleheads
1 Kid's U.S. Citzenship. Oh, nevermind.
Lots of good crime scene evidence
1667 3 Musketeer Candy Bars
62 T-shirts such as this
50 Raffle Tickets to win a White Sox World Series Ring
1 Ice Cream Sundae


chaddaddy said...

If you didn't drive such a hot rod, you may have been able to keep that truck together longer. Just look at the monster blower stick out the hood... that is going to tear things up, and the flames out of the exhaust... sure to mar the paint!

Considering though, that you made it 80,000 miles before doing any service is quite astonding... In fact I believe that is a 12000% increase over your last vehicle!

The radio is really not a big deal... The number is probably on a piece of paper stuck inside your glove box somewhere, or more than likely is the default code which should be listed in the manual... Call me I'll take care of ya bro!

the Gat said...

first the dentist, now this. tsk, tsk.

the todd said...

Hmmm. Interesting parellel between my teeth and the truck. I hope that if I have children I care for them better: "Well, you're 15, about time for the doctor huh? Maybe some solid food?"

the dreamer said...

Since when is gold edible?

(Referring to the $1K sundae. btw, Good tactic for getting PTOIT readers like me to read entire posts--placing ice cream at the end.)

Anonymous said...

For $1K, did they change your Jupiter belt too, grandma?