Day by Day by Day

Today, I thought I would offer tidbits from each day of my weekend:

Friday: After seeing Brian Anderson's amazing catch live at the Sox game, I am more adamant than ever that The Greatest American Hero stays in the big leagues. It was a great game to be at and the crowd's reaction to that catch was awesome. I don't care if his bat hasn't caught on yet. His fielding saves us runs. Without him that night, Cleveland plates two and we lose. Those runs subtracted are just as good as runs added. And then last night, he did his best to ignite the comeback. (And got two hits!) I am glad Ozzie has chosen to stick with the kid.

Saturday: The Ladyfriend and I went to one of her cousin's wedding. At the reception, I was sitting down at our table when I noticed that one of the glass candle holders in front of the Father of the Ladyfriend (FotLF) was tipped on it's side. The wick was out but wax was spilt across the table. I gave a look to the FotLF. He said, "I tried to move it. But it's hot. I burnt my finger."

I responded: "Do you want me to get some ice for you?"

He didn't answer my question but instead turned to The Ladyfriend, who was talking to someone else and oblivious of the candle incident.

He said to her, "Can I see your beer?" Unquestioningly, she held it out to him and without any warning, he just stuck his finger in it. And after about 5 seconds said, "There, that's better" and handed the beer back to her.

I then went to get her another beer.

Sunday: As we were driving home from the wedding weekend with the Sister of the Ladyfriend (SotLF), she decided to get a carwash. She rolled down her window, paid for the wash and began to pull into the Carwash. The Ladyfriend says, "You'd better roll up your window."

SotLF snaps back, "I will, Bossy."

Right then--and I mean RIGHT then--a spurt of water shoots out of the sides of the carwash and right into her window. Not only was it perfect timing, but I have never seen a surprise, guerilla water squirt in a carwash. We weren't even stopped yet. So I decided that we must have been on PUNK'd.

PTOIT Special Feature: Dream Log!

Date: May 26, 2006

I am at Wrigley Field for a Sox-Cubs game and Mark Buehrle pitches a perfect game. (I don't include this here because it was a very detailed dream--but instead only because I think I may be a Baseball Prophet and I want public witnesses when this does happen next month.)


HopefulLSW said...

Yay for the Greatest American Hero and for your gift of prophecy! May it be so.

the Gat said...

I want to call him BA Baracus. Is anybody else getting on board with this?

To quote myself: "Run prevention is just as clutch as run production." Yes, I am that bastard that quotes himself, like those dudes that publish those quote books. BA stays, for his championship caliber D.

DoubleM said...

You are going to be close with that prophetic dream - it's actually going to be Zambrano pitching the perfect game against the Sox.

Anonymous said...

At least FotLF didn't stick his finger in the punch or dip...