Do You Identify With Platypus?

PTOIT Quotes of the Week

"It's darn near impossible to take me out of my focus. No earthly mortal can do it. No animal." -Shaq.

"I don't think a lot of people will identify with the word platypus in a headline." --Marilyn, our magazine's editorial administrator during a real headline session for the magazine. Yes, this is the kind of hard decisions we have to make.

"You can buy your coffin here." -Marc, pointing out the amazing selection of Cost-Co.

"Uh oh. That guy is wearing real baseball pants. This does not bode well." -Charissa, scouting out the other team at our softball game.

"This team has three Testas. That's a lot of Testas." -Charissa again, checking out the jerseys of the other team.


derfman said...

I've got to cowboy up and bring my "A" game to my blogs again. I think I've been quoted by Thertz only that one time.

the Gat said...

get your Red Sox vernacular OUTTA HERE.