It'll pinch ya in the cheeks.

So, my canoe trip was cancelled last week with the youth group because of forest fires (not ones we set). The funny thing is is that if it would have been up to me and the boys, we'd probably have been rowing through flames with burning oars (or, you know coughing up black tar on the side of river). But luckily, non-boys called the shots and knew it was best to not try our hands at fire-jumping. Drat.

Instead, I took four kids camping to Devil's Lake in Wisconsin. It was a blast and very relaxing. In fact, it was interesting to see God's provision in the whole thing. We were suppoused to leave for the canoe trip on a Saturday. Instead, we left Monday morning. On Sunday night, one of the boys came down with a 104.3 fever. Had that happened while we were in the middle of nowhere in Boundary Waters, it would have been a bad bad scene. So, it worked out well. That guy wasn't able to go and the rest of us trudged on.

One story of the week: I found a brochure for a Cheese Factory where you could see the cheese being made. We thought this would be fun and interesting on the one rainy day. Well, we got there to find out that in order to watch cheese being made you have to show up before noon. Oops. Instead, they showed us a video. At first we were all bummed out...until it turned out to be the Greatest Video Ever. Seriously. At one point, two men used these big instruments to comb through vast vats of hardening cheese while the narrator said, "For 45 miuntes, they cut the cheese."

Now, being the adult in the group I decided I needed to practice restraint and not giggle like a 12-year-old boy. So I held in my laughter. But I finally burst toward the end when the owner of the factory came on screen. He was very creepy and did a lot of weird hand motions while decribing how you can tell a good cheese by it's taste. He finished by saying: "A good cheese will pinch you in the cheeks." I lost it. I couldn't hold it in.

And all week we tried to figure out, "What does that even mean?"

Random Special Mention: So everyone knows how I like pirates? And how much I like the White Sox? Well...LOOK: A Comic About The White Sox As Pirates! Glory, glory. And it's pretty dang funny. My favorite part so far is: "We lost our widger."

Tuesday Special Feature: Fun With Google:

Where I take random words and search for them on Google Images to see what I find.

Today's Search Terms: "Punk" and "Baby"

The Results:

Photo #1: This is a baby photo of Margaret Mead. Not exactly what I thought I'd find. I was imagining something more along the lines of mohawks...

Photo #2: Bingo.

Photo #3: Wow. This is beyond my comprehension. Punks like bear skin rugs? (Oh and Marc, I am learning to do tattoos for little Todd Douglas.)

Photo #4: I am actually afraid of this boy.

Photo #5: Awwwwwwww.

Photo #6: I am speculating that this is an early photo of Johnny Rotten. Or Pat Robertson. But I may be wrong. I actually have that tie at home.


chaddaddy said...

Oh My Gosh... I most certainly will have to give "the little one" a moehawk... Now... to do it without his mother finding out...

the todd said...

When L-Dubs come to visit Uncle Todd he will definitely be getting a mohawk. And a tatoo. And perhaps a motorcycle.

derfman said...

The Palehose Six are great... be sure to check them from way in the beginning. I like how he bashes the Ursa Whiners.