Don't Overcook Your Pancakes!

I haven't really been remembering my dreams lately, which is odd because I normally have such long, vivid, movie-like dreams I remember in great detail. I actually can't recall a real in-depth ,strange dream I've had in over a month.

The last one was right before the wedding. It was the return of my fighting-zombies dreams. I hadn't had one of those zombie/vampire dreams in about a year. I even used my trademark wooden bat to fight them off--just like in my old fighting dreams. It was great.

But last night's dream topped it. Here's the gist: The wife and I were back in Europe with a group of teens. It was my Dad's birthday, so I decided to treat him to pancakes. I went to this little kitchen in the hotel lobby and started making these simply perfect pancakes on a griddle.

I had one pancake left when my wife and a teen girl came over. They needed help with a vending machine. I went with them to check it out. After we got it working, I saw there were baseball cards inside the vending machine. Ooh, I thought, Baseball cards! I started to count out money to get some. ..

That's when I remembered, "My Pancake!"

When I got back to the griddle, I found that I'd left the pancake on too long and, OF COURSE, it turned into a baby. When I saw this, it was if it made perfect logical sense: If you burn a pancake, it turns into a person. I grabbed the little boy off the griddle and he had toasted buns.Literary. And so I scrubbed the black toasted stuff off his bum. When I was done, he'd aged to be a 3-year-old Italian kid with black curly hair. He said it was time for his birthday party.

Again, I got distracted because a teen girl had wandered off by herself. And she left the hotel. Now, I'm not a very good chaperon in my dreams apparently. Before I caught up with her to bring her back to the hotel, I got distracted again by a band playing in a little restaurant. There was a boy playing tympani, two girls on horns and their mom playing a purple hippo squeeze toy.

I eventually got bored and left again to go sight-seeing. I saw Holyrood Palace and the Tower of London. Then, my wife picked me up in a white van and told me she wanted to show me her favorite thing in Europe. We drove over London's Tower Bridge (and saw a second one in the distance) and then onto a Pier. Off to the right was the Eiffel Tower. "There," she said, "Is my favorite sight." It was a submarine in a lagoon right in front of the Eiffel Tower. I was impressed.


rjcraig said...

That's strange...I once had a dream that I was making a piece of toast and it turned into a puppy.

You'll be happy to know, Todd, that I had my very first zombie-fighting dream two nights ago. I was fighting them with my brother. Our weapon of choice--aluminum bats...not wood.


the todd said...

That's so awesome! Except you apparently are fighting zombies in the collegiate ranks, where they use aluminum bats, and I'm in the majors.

With the coorelation in our dreams, I think we may be supernaturally linked by our dreams!

Marc said...

Interpretation: No dreams in a while means you haven't had any stress in a while (understandable).

But the fact that a dream has come back and it includes your dad, your wife, and a baby means your dad is pressuring you with the idea that it's time for another grandson. Or breakfast.

That'll be $50 please. You're welcome.