Not a whole lot has been going on with me lately, actually. Last weekend, Pure Heart and I saw Underdog. OK, I had to. It’s my job. But I was such a big fan of the cartoon growing up. The movie, of course, is not the same. But for what it is (and for them turning Underdog into a kid’s pet dog), it’s not horrible. There are some good nods to the old show that I wasn’t expecting, the new theme song rocks, and Puddy from Seinfeld plays Cad. It’s an average kid’s flick. Still, I enjoyed coming home and watching old shows on You Tube.

We also saw Order of the Phoenix (Yay). It’s a good movie—my second favorite to Goblet of Fire in terms of the movies. There are some really cool moments visually. I loved when Dudley and Harry are running from the fish-eye lens. The director is top notch. Glad he's doing movie 6...

Watching the 5th movie after finishing the final book was weird. (The wife and I finished at 2 in the morning one night a couple weeks ago. Once you hit chapter 26, you have to press on toward the end. We were both very, very pleased.) Anyway, I now know how it all ends so watching Order of the Phoenix was neat because you're seeing things forming--while knowing what they lead to! I also liked watching the movie and imagining how book 7 will look on screen. Oh man.

Here's my off-the-cuff ranking of the movies so far (fave to least-fave):

Goblet of Fire
Order of the Phoenix
Prisoner of Azkaban
Chamber of Secrets
Sorcerer's Stone

I need to come up with my book rankings. Hmmm.

On Sunday, we babysat a friends’ daughter. We took her to Magic Waters in Rockford. It was fun. They have a new water roller coaster that is rocking. It’s actually really intense. My biggest takeaway of the day though is how many tattooed people there are in Rockford. Weird.

Hopefully, we’ll be singing a lease to rent my condo this weekend. While we’d rather be selling it, this is better than nothing. And even better—I’ll become a slum lord! I plan to walk around with a box of cigarettes rolled up in my shirt sleeve like the guy on One Day at A Time.

I've been enjoying the last couple weeks of White Sox baseball. We're not setting the world on fire, but we're at least playing fun-to-watch ball (for the most part). I can't help loving these guys, to be honest. I don't care how we do. I get mad at them, but I always come back. You complete me, Chicago White Sox. I think Josh Fields may be a Todd Favorite Player of the Future. I really wanted a sweep of the Tribe after a sweep of the Tigers so that I'd feel like we had an ounce of dignity this season. (I brought in a broom for Tigers Fan David on Monday. He hated that.) But 2 out of 3 from the Indians would be great.

I have noticed that these winning ways coincide with the re-introduction of a certain player. Hmmm. So, for good measure:

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