Movie Geek Freakout

Since Pure Heart has Masters classes on Tuesday, it's my movie night. This week, I went to Blockbuster with a list of films that have alrady been nominated for the ChristianityTodayMovies.com end-of-year best movies list. I was shocked when I saw someone had nominated a monster movie I'd never heard of called The Host.

Turns out that it's from South Korea and is currently getting a 92% rating on RottenTomatoes.com. I really loved watching it. It was just fun, enjoyable, quirky entertainment. It's not perfect, but it's just a good time. Some people have compared it to Jaws (it is about a water-bourne killing creature) but really it's more like a well-made, beautifully-shot Tremors because it's not really scary but more of a goofy, off-beat adventure. It's not for everyone (the only person who's seen it on my recommendation so far didn't like it...) but I think it's a gem.

I'm a sucker, though, for the creative takes on monster thrillers. I've been really excited about a yet-untitled movie I saw a preview for a few months ago. Here it is:

The movie's getting a lot of buzz (you've probbaly seen the trailer already). There's still no name released, but it's produced by J.J. Abrams (Alias, Lost, M:I 3). I love J.J. but am especially interested because I discovered it's written by Drew Goddard. Any non-geek won't know that name. But luckily, I am a geek.

Drew was a whizkid writer for the final seasons of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. After his amazing first ep, the Anya-centric Selfless, I knew an ep would rock if his name was on it. And they did. He's very, very good--creative and witty. Since Buffy, he's written some great eps of Lost (some of the bigger eps of last year, for instance). So, knowing what he's capable of, I recommend keeping an eye on this movie....

Quote of the Week
"I wish my apartment building was a retirement villiage for retired mafia men." -Camerin


the Gat said...

3:10 and Shoot Em Up coming out this week. WOOO. It's still summer?!

derfman said...

Tsk, can't believe you haven't heard of the Host. (based on a true story!)