Top 30 Baby Names

I realized three things last night:

1) That I should never burn grilled cheese. Why? Because of how cold it is, of course. Here's the connection: On Monday night I burnt one side of my grilled cheese. The smoke detector went off and all that. On Tuesday morning, the apartment still smelled like smoke, so I left the patio door open a crack. After all, it's been like 50 degrees out. Well, by the time I got home late last night, it was about 10 degrees in my apartment. Dang grilled cheese sandwich. The only consolation was that I had my blanket with a handle and my new ESPN fleece from Marc to keep me warm.

2) I am in a major weird dream cycle right now. Last night, I was in a cardboard house building contest. On my team were Brain Urlacher and Greg Jensen, my second cousin and college roommate. The best part was when we started losing and our strategy was to have Urlacher tackle other competitors.

3) I have totally dropped the ball on my TOP 30 lists to celebrate my birthday. I meant to do them weekly and well...30 is a lot to replicate every week. 30 is a lot. This whole thing is just making me feel older. But I pledge to make it happen.

So, without further ado, here we go:


I have no idea when I'll ever have kids, but I have always wanted to be a dad and always liked thinking of names. So here is my list of favorite names for babies:

30. Myto - This one comes from an old joke from my dad. Say it aloud with the ole' last name. hee hee.
29. Joy
28. Faith - It's true, it can indeed hurt.
27. Val - For a boy. I actually liked this name becaue of Val Kilmer during the Tombstone phase I went through.
26. Han
25. Cornelius
24. Obi Wan
23. Cocoa
22. Xander - Ok, I am serious about this one.
21. Obadiah - Hey, It's Biblical!
20. Angus - Did you know that in later seasons of MacGyver they revealed his first name was Angus? It's true.
19. French Fry - If Jeff can name his cat this, I think I can use it for a baby.
18. Ozzie
17. Sheriff - I like it because my baby would sound like an authority. It'd be even better if he/she became a sheriff.
16. Artemas - Hey, It's Biblical!
15. A.J. - I'd be naming my baby for A.J. Pierzynski, just like Marc did.
14. Illinois - Illinois? We named the dog Illinois... (or something like that.)
13. Scout - So that when I call him, I'd feel like a 1950s dad. "Hey, Scout!"
12. Lumberjack
11. Cinderella - It's unisex.
10. Kragon - This way he/she sounds like an alien villian.
9. Chewbacca
8. Turniphead - This LOST-inspired baby name was taken by Esther and Dale, until they for some reason changed their daughter's name to Lydia. So now, it is free for the taking.
7. Mayor - See #17.
6. Doc - This name came into favor during my Tombstone phase.
5. Boaz- Hey, it's biblical!
4. The Boy - It's unisex.
3. Salt Creek - I shouldn't need to explain why.
2. Gigantor - Think about the irony of a tiny baby name Gigantor. hee hee.
1. Todd Ahito - Of course in honor of Tadahito Iguchi of the White Sox. For a Girl: Tadahita


Marc said...

My boy was in no way shape or form named after Peircranky. If there's any AJ he's named after, it'd be Albert Jose Pujols.

the todd said...

A Cardinal? Wow, I hope Mohnkern sees this news!

Marc said...

a future Hall of Famer - he'll eventually get traded away from the Cards.

Coachej said...

I feel sorry if you are having dreams of my brother. I guess it is cool Urlacher was in the dream.

the Gat said...

I think you should have names that sound like last names.

chaddaddy said...

I can't believe that my "original" name did not make this list! (thanks mom for changing it)

Heratio Alexander

chaddaddy said...

Forgot to mention,

The wife and I have agreed on the name of our next baby (if its a girl).. She will be called "Love Hertz", which of course was chosen because "Falling on your head from a high place Hertz" was determined to be too long.

Which reminds me, remember the old Joke with "the sister" that she is going to marry a man with the last name "Love" so that it can be announced in the paper as the Love-Hertz Wedding! Wow that was along time ago.

the todd said...

Haha. Yes, I do remember Love-Hertz.Good times. Very funny comment, btw.