It's Hard to Have Good Dental Health

I am finding obstacles in my battle for good dental health. I am trying so hard to brush every day now after the "6-Cavity Incident of March". But things just keep stopping me. I think it's the powers of evil. They hate clean teeth apparently.

So first, I left my toothbrush at my parents' house at Easter and kept forgetting for like a week to buy a new one. And then this weekend on the retreat, my hair gel spilled into my bathroom bag. Well, I didn't notice that and tried brushing my teeth with the newly-purchased toothbrush that was in that bag. As I was brushing I thought, "Man this toothpaste is gross. But I used to like it. Can toothpaste go bad?" That's when I looked in the bag and saw the layer of goo.

I tried soaking that brush. But in the end, I needed a new one. Again. And I bought two--for the next time the armies of darkness try to stop me from good oral hygiene.

In other news... I haven't listed clever song titles lately, but I found this good one on the re-release of the awesome House of Heroes debut CD: "You are the Judas of the Cheerleading Squad."

I also saw Mission:Impossible 3 last night at a preview screening. It's awesome. J.J. Abrams has breathed new life into the franchise with fun, excitement and intensity. It is a crazy ride. By the end, I was worn out.


the Gat said...

apparently, you can now buy toothbrushes in packs of 5, which my mom does regularly because the high school boarders we have forget them all the time. so.

also, i dunno why, but i read that second to last sentence as "fun, excrement, and intensity." I need more sleep.

DoubleM said...

This post has left me in shock. I can't say I'm a dental nut, but if I don't brush in the morning and at night, I feel nasty.

From now on, if I come up for a visit, I'll be sure to IM you first to make sure you brushed that morning. And please, for the sake of your coworkers and friends, buy some tic tacs. A scented candle couldn't hurt either.

the todd said...

Look, people--I brush. What I am saying is I lost my stinking brush. What was I to do? Use a stick? I have a backup now. All is well. And no--I am not lighting scented candles at work. That is rude to those around me. :)