Somehow, This is George Lopez's Fault

It has become part of my idiom that I struggle with the fine mechanics of programming a VCR. This reputation has come from how often I tape The George Lopez Show.

Since no one would do that voluntarily, there's obviously a problem.

I maintain my problem is really with time--and not setting a VCR itself. At the beginning of this season, ABC featured Lopez at 7, The Freddie Prinze show at 7:30 and Lost at 8 on Wednesdays. That sounds simple. But I had it in my head that Lost was on at 7 so I kept taping the dang Lopez Show. After doing that 30 or 40 times, people gave me a hard time for it. And then it got worse.

The first week that I remembered that Lost was on at 8, it also happened to be the fall time change. Since I didn't re-set my VCR clock, it taped at 7:00. And ya, I had a useless tape of the stinking George Lopez Show again. Then, when I went to Nashville, my VCR somehow got its calendar off by a day so it taped on Tuesday instead of Wendesday (??).

This is all to say that my friends don't trust me to provide a tape of Lost. Well, that leads us to last night. We had a softball game and a few of us arranged to go back to my place afterwards to watch last night's episode. There were many jokes about whether I could be trusted to have it on tape. I was kinda stressed out about it. But I took my time and made sure the programming was right.

So, we get there and sure enough: It worked! We watch the show and then--just about 4 minutes from the end--right at the climax, the show abruptly stops. It quit taping right after Mr.Eko yells, "What are you doing?" And then Charissa-- shocked by what is happening--yelled back at the TV, "What are you doing???"

We all drove to Emily and Charissa's house to watch the end on her tape. But for some reason, it didn't tape at all! So we called Marc to go to his house--but he informs us that he missed the very end too! Ack.

So what happended to my taping? I don't know. It is a mystery. I maintain it's not my fault. I had the VCR set to tape until 9:02, but I think my clock was two minutes fast. However, that should have still been fine. Since Marc's taping cut off too, the show must have run over after 9. Bummer.

But the good news is that ABC puts all it's shows online for free. Heck with VCRs.

Monkey Search 2006: Day Three
Status Report: The monkey is still missing. I have searched the desk and surrounding floor area to no success. I have also qustioned suspects and gotten testimonies ranging from "Why would you ask me that?" to "You had a monkey?" to "Do I know you?"
Planned Step: Searching under my desk today.


HopefulLSW said...

When you finally watch the rest of Lost, you'll freak out. Next week is going to be soooo good!

Anonymous said...

Moral to the missing monkey story:

Cherish every moment you have with your monkey. You never know when it will be gone.