CAN you believe Marc is leaving?

Tomorrow is Marc's last day, so a proper goodbye was in order. This morning, his office was full of aluminum cans. Why? Well, Marc loves Mountain Dew. He drinks approx. 5.25 cans a day. And so that leads us to what the entrance to his cube looked like:

A giant wall of green cans. In fact, several of them were actually consumed by him--as you can tell by the initials on them.

The culprits had been saving these cans for a long time, stealing them from Marc's trash after he'd gone home and collecting cans from everyone they knew.

The collection of the cans started in March for Marc's birthday prank. But the culprits needed more time and hoped that Marc may forget about any prank if he was let off easy in March. Maybe he wouldn't expect an attack in, say, August.

But his resignation forced an earlier prank. The scramble for enough cans was a struggle. Truck beds were filled with bags and good old R2 held several for months.

You'll notice below that lining Marc's desk are beer cans. Reportedly, those were already there.

Among all the cans are 12 full cans of Dew Marc had in his cube. They helped with numbers...and made for a nice game out of it:

No one knows exactly who the culprits were. But surveillance cameras captured this image of the mastermind:

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