Hair Yesterday, Gone Today

About a week ago, I rolled over in bed and a piece of my hair stabbed me in the eye. That's when I knew, the long hair had to go. It'd gone bad.

Last night, I went back to Mario Tricoci University. It took 2 hours to get done, but it's short and spikey--it's back to the Todd cut. The temporary long hair experiment is over. I'll tell ya, it's nice to have it short again (especially as it's getting warmer out). But old habits die hard. I did a hair flip involuntarily this morning and nothing happened. That was weird.

I will miss waking up to this:

As I was sitting in the chair getting cut, I was staring out the storefront window of the University. This kid ran by. He was around 3 or 4 I think. (Honestly, I am bad with kids' ages. I'm not sure how old he was. I know that he was older than 18 months and couldn't drive yet. Somewhere in there). Anyway, as he ran by, his pants just slipped right off him. The best part was that he didn't stop at all. He just kept going. With his dad chasing him.


Marc said...

2 hours for a haircut? Did the student cut them one at a time?

Laura said...

That photo reminds me of when we did the kids' hair on the Colorado trip!

The Intended said...

way to be all artsy with the photo...why didn't you do a shot of the new 'do yet? I am DYING To see it! I

Esther said...

Just curious...did you ever go to work with your hair like it in the picture? That would've been awesome!

mxwp said...

Hey now, you lost some cred in my book... Mario Triccoci? Two hours? What's wrong with the ole barber? You going metro on us now?

the todd said...

Very good point from Derfman. Am I going metro?

I go to The University because 1) It's cheap. 2) I have had horrible experiences with barbers. I should make that a blog post. I've had part of my ear cut off. I've gotten bruises from clippers bashed into my head. And I've had a barber who swore he'd been abducted by aliens. True story.