Hair Crisis Avoided

I have to say it: I like my hair today. I liked it yesterday too. The new style has taken some time for me to get used to, but it's going well now.

And that says a lot given the despair of Hair Crisis 2007. How'd I go from those dark days to now being happy with longer hair?

It all started with young Becca. She's a student at the local Tricoci University. I went there (as part of the disaster reaction plan) to get my first styling ever. I normally clip it myself or go to a barber. But I tried Tricoci U (Are they in the Final Four? What's their mascot?) because I figgered I wanted someone young and hip to do something new--and not the old man barber who charged me $13 two years ago to box my ears and taper the back of my hairline.

Tricoci U was hip. In fact, I'm not cool enough to be there really. All the workers wore black, with New York hair and most of the girls looked like they hang around with Paris Hilton. Or like they were in that Devil Wears Prada movie.

But I liked the way Becca cut my hairs, gave me layers and shaped it all a bit. All for just $8. A few things that were interesting:

1) I've never had a woman shampoo my hair before (or a man actually) since my mom probably did when I was but a todd-ler. That was kinda weird. I'm not creeped out easily by touch or anything (though the thought of anyone but The Intended giving me a back massage really freaks me out) but it was odd having this young girl lathering up my scalp. And yet, oddly calming.

2) During the cut, Becca parted my hair down the middle. She joked that she didn't understand why guys would do that and how silly it looked. When she was done cutting my hair, she styled it with the part down the middle. Wha? That didn't stay long.

3) In styling my hair, Becca used this stuff called Fiber. The application of it required her to -- literally -- clap her hands above my head and let these little strings of goop flutter onto my head. When I told Camerin about it, she said that it may have been some strange marriage ceremony or witchcraft.

So anyway, my hair is now different than I've ever done it. It's just all messy and down over my forehead. I like it. I won't keep this style for too long. But for now, it's cool.

And the best part is that I get no rashes from the hair product I'm using. Whew.


chaddaddy said...


Point #1 is incorrect. You have had another person (besides mom) Shampoo your hair. In fact I did it, and gave you some great layers when I was 3. Come to think of it, I believe it was the same day I de-faced Snoopy.

the todd said...

I stand corrected. My brother did indeed shampoo and cut my hair--WHEN I WAS SLEEPING! I think I blocked that out.

Poor snoopy. He was my favorite stuffed animal. Until he had no nose.