Never Too Early

Here he is, future starting pitcher of the Chicago White Sox Landon William. I got to visit with my new little nephew two nights ago. We even did a little working out of his left arm. They say that with the proper work and strengthening you can help determine which hand a child uses. I figure we need to encourage him to throw left handed because major league ball teams are always in need of left handed pitchers.

Landon was less than 24 hours old when I saw him. I've only gotten to see two other babies that young. They are all adorable, but there was something different with Landon. Before I tell you that, I need to flashback about 27 years ago. The night my brother was born, my dad was watching him in the nursery. He was shocked to see his barely-born child pick his head up and look around the room. I was almost three at the time and I barely picked my head up. Chad was then walking at 9 months, climbing ladders at 2 and driving tractors at 3. (I estimate I'll be climbing ladders in two or three months. ) As I saw Landon the other night, sure enough, the little guy was holding his head up and looking around the room.

Chad has hopes that Landon will be mowing the yard in two to three weeks. I fear that may interfere with infield practice.


chaddaddy said...

I hate to inform you, that although substantial work has been done to young Landon's left arm, he continues to seem to favor his right arm. Training will continue, I am determined to make him into a left handed knuckle-baller with a 99 MPH fastball.

coachej said...

A left handed knuckle-baller with a 99 MPH fastball, I hear at this momemt the Yankees are boarding a plane to sign the young south paw. Us white sox fans need to keep young Landon a secret.

By the way a green hat? Clarence Jensen would be turning in his grave if I ever put my kid in a green hat. It has to red! Enjoy that baby as much as you can. They grow up so quickly.