I had a close call yesterday. And a near-HR disaster. All in one incident.

I went into my boss Chris' office to discuss some pertinent matters of magazine publishing. Or to talk about sci-fi. One of the two. I sat in the little chair across from his desk under the bulletin board. When we ran out of things to talk about, I stood up and left. Nothing strange yet.

But then, Chris began to yell and chase me out of the office. That's not all that unusual actually. Then it got weird. "Stop moving," he urgently ordered. "Don't move!" Always obeying my boss' orders, I stopped and stood still against the file cabinet. This is when it got really weird. He began doing something behind my back. To the back of my pants.

"I am uncomfortable right now, " I said.

"Don't move," my boss repeated.

I am sure the two of us created a very odd picture there in the hall. And I am so glad no bigwigs happened to be strolling by. After about 15 seconds, Chris held up what he'd perceptively seen: A thumbtack stuck in the seat of my pants. Somehow, it got stuck in there when I sat in his office without me feeling it. But had I re-sat on that, I'd probably have an injury in a bad, bad place.

That is Christlike love right there -- Love knows no better than this: a man who will pull a tack out of the seat of another man's pants.


Anonymous said...

It could be a ploy--much like, 'What's behind your ear? Look, a coin.'

This time he wasn't checking behind your ear.

Get HR on speed-dial.

the todd said...

Hey, if it means free coins I am good.

DoubleM said...

What's your boss doing staring at your butt?

the dreamer said...

My favorite line of the entire interaction: "I am uncomfortable right now."

And now I'm thinking of a Friends episode involving Joey and a tailor.